We are currently living through the ‘selfie generation,’ and come Election Day many people will want to take selfies at the voting booth. It could be because you are simply selfie crazed or you might fish out your smartphone to look up information about the candidates to make a better-informed decision. This might end up getting you arrested if you are not careful on Election Day. Here is a guide on how to avoid getting arrested when using your cell phone on Election Day.

Follow Rules and Regulations

While most states have not updated election laws when it comes to smartphone use within polling places. While there may not be a law expressly stating that you should not take a photograph of your polling paper or a selfie at a polling place, always follow rules and regulations set by your state’s Board of Elections.

For instance, you might find a sign stating that cell phone use is not allowed or a poll worker might approach you and tell you that you shouldn’t use your smartphone in the booth. You might not get penalized for using your phone anyway, but it is important to respect these rules to avoid further frustration.

The thought behind why taking ballot photos are frowned upon is that it does come with a number of underlying implications. For instance, it could be a means of ballot brokers/employers coercing people to vote a certain way. The photo might be seen as ‘photographic evidence’ showing that an individual voted as they were told to vote.

It doesn’t end at taking photos or videos, calling or texting at the voting booth is prohibited in most polling places. This is often considered as obtaining unlawful assistance.

The state of New Hampshire prohibits taking of ballot photos and sharing them. Anyone who is found in breach faces a $1,000 fine. You might ask isn’t this infringing on your freedom of speech as The American Civil Liberties Union cited when challenging the law. The law might not say that you shouldn’t take a photo of your ballot, but it does state that it is a felony to show another person your ballot intentionally. However, there hasn’t been a case of anyone being prosecuted for sharing his or her marked ballot on social media.

How to Get Away with a Voting Selfie 

Let’s face it; people will still continue taking selfies and photos of their completed ballots. If you simply must take that selfie or ballot photo learn how not to get in trouble for it.

  • You can decide to take a photo of your completed ballot. However, don’t post it on social media. You might simply want the photo as a memento or it could make a good ‘throw back picture,’ but don’t post it on social media when polls haven’t closed yet.
  • By all means do take that selfie you want to take within the voting booth. However, if any poll official approaches you and tells you that you shouldn’t use your phone – keep your phone away.

Imagine that you are on a deserted island and the only thing that you can take with you is your cell phone. Well you better hope that you will have damn good signal and reception on that island. There is nothing as disappointing as not being able to receive emails, chat or make calls all due to bad cell reception. Don’t go laying the blame of your service provider, with a few adjustments you can always work your way around reception issues.

Work Through the Barriers

Ever noticed that most people tend to move closer to windows/doors or even go outside a room when they receive calls? It isn’t only to get some privacy while talking on the phone, but also to get better reception.

Remember how cell phones work; they send out radiofrequency (RF) waves, much similar to the FM radio kind, to nearby cell towers. If there are disruptions along the way, the RF waves won’t reach the cell tower and the result is poor signals/reception. Moving closer to windows/doors or going outside removes the structural barriers from the way and allows the RF waves your phone emits to reach the nearby cell tower.

To solve this in your house, try going to different rooms to check on the cell reception. The characteristic signal bars your cell phone has will let you just how strong the cell signal is in every room. Take note of this and whenever you are having bad reception or low signal you can always go to the room with the best signal.

When outside avoid crowded areas, which might also lead to signal disruption.

Locate the Cell Tower Nearby

Another way to get good coverage and reception is to know precisely where the cell tower nearest to you is located. It shouldn’t be rocket science, with the help of one of the many apps available you should be able to locate the cell tower nearest to you.

Now deibels (dB) are what will help you locate your nearest cell tower. A rule of thumb is that a -50dB reading means that your signal is on full bar, and therefore very close to a cell tower. A -110 dB reading means that you are on a signal dead zone.

Hold your Phone in an Upright Position

The cell phones we have now have the antenna, which sends out the RF waves, fitted within the device. If you don’t hold your phone correctly, it could lead to poor coverage and reception.

Holding your phone upright, and not in landscape position, has the effect leaves good room for signal reception. When in landscape position, you are essentially covering your phone up and ultimately blocking the signal.

Make Sure you Have Good Battery Power

Is your battery charge running low? This might be the reason why you have poor reception or low signal. When your cell phone’s battery is low it is not able to supply the power needed to locate a signal.

Safeguard your battery power by turning off NFC or Bluetooth or even WiFi when not necessary. Lower your screen brightness, close apps that are not in use and disable fetch/push notifications.

Boost your Phone’s Signal

If all else fails, particularly when you are using your phone within your house, get a cell signal booster. The devices are FCC approved and they work by amplifying cell phone signals for better reception.


Insurance can be done in case to avoid loss. It will help a person to avoid a great loss. Just as other insurance mobile can also be insured. It helps greatly in case of loss, theft or damage. This too has the same procedure as of most other insurance where you need to pay the money to get insured. The decision mainly depends on the person, whether to get the insurance or not. The insurance and the protection plan costs are a bit high. Even the cost is high, it helps you to avoid a greater loss in case of damage, loss or theft.

Availability of Plans:

Now you may notice that insurance is somehow important. In case of mobiles of higher end you will feel that insurance is really important. There are lots of plans available in case of insurance the choice is in your hand. Depending upon the cost of the cell phone and your budget, you can choose the plan. But choosing the right plan is somehow complicated. Warranty plans (extended) only cover repairs whereas on the other hand, some plans only cover mechanical and accidental failures. Both fail to cover the loss and theft. Making the right decision is important in case of insurance. Listed below are some plans from which you can choose the best one that suits you

Insurance by Retailers:

Most of the retailers of electronics provide insurance. For example: With a lump sum of $ 169.99 you can insure an iPhone 6 or 6E for two years or as a monthly payment. It covers malfunctions and the accidental damage, but note that it does not cover loss due to theft.


You can get a warranty of $99 for any iPhone for two years from SquareTrade. This insurance covers accidental damage and mechanical and electrical failures. This too does not cover loss or theft.

Worth Ave. Group

Worth Ave. Group  provides an insurance policy which covers accidental damage such as drops and spills, theft, natural disasters, flood, fire and lightning strikes.


AT&T offers insurance for theft, loss, accidental damage and out-of-warranty malfunction of your phone at $7 per month.

T-Mobile offers insurance for loss, theft, accidental damage and mechanical or electrical breakdown for $10 a month. Depending on the device non-refundable deductible of $20 to $175, applies for each claim.

Straight talk offers insurance for loss, theft, accidental & non-accidental damages. Insurance is not eligible for customers who signed up with a Straight Talk promo code.

Full coverage for loss, accidental damage, theft and mechanical or electrical breakdown by sprint for $ 9-11 per month.

Insurance is offered by Verizon bills $9 after the warranty of the manufacturer gets expired for accidental damage, theft, loss and electrical or mechanical failure.

Major Credit Cards

There are 2 ways in which credit cards will give coverage for your phone. First, several major credit cards extended the manufacturer’s pledge by a year or longer, tho’ it varies betting on the cardboard. Several covers losses from stealing or damage in addition at intervals the primary 90 days once purchase. For selected cards you can also avail the facility of damage and theft coverage.

Homeowners/Renters Insurance

For larger purchases, like premium smartphones, some insurance firms can allow you to attach a rider to your householders or renters insurance, which is able to specifically cover that purchase. Smartphones are insured normally by householders and renters insurance underneath a similar condition of your general insurance. You will need to visualize along with your supplier to search out your choices.